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South Buxton Raceway has lowered the age requirement to enter the pits, beginning this Saturday night.

Children ages 6 and up will now be allowed to join their parents in the pits.

South Buxton Raceway officials, staff and drivers encourage that parents perform their day-to-day responsibilities to ensure your children are safe around the race cars.

Please do not allow your children to run around in the pits, as they often do on the grandstand side, or wander off on their own, since there is so much traffic in the pits - and especially during races with cars going to and from their pit stalls, plus tow trucks and other emergency vehicles performing their duties.

Please remember, these children are now in a work area where strict parental supervision is of the utmost importance for their safety.

A parent or parental guardian must sign a waiver at the pit entrance window for each child.

The admission for children to enter the pits is $25, the same fee across the board.

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